Why Wealthy Families Need to Hire Armed Residential Security

Why Wealthy Families Need to Hire Armed Residential Security

More and more wealthy families, celebrities, and corporate executives are hiring Armed Residential Security to protect their families and homes in St. Louis, Mo, State of Missouri, and Illionois in the last few years. The wealthy are starting to realize they are not safe living or working in St. Louis or even taking their kids to school. Therefore they are home schooling their kids and hiring full time Armed Body Guards to watch over their, homes, vehicles, property, and even protect employees at work or abroad. This is why they choose Dark Site Operations to protect them in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Dark Site Operations has a great deal of experience providing Wealthy Families and Celebrities with expert protection in Americas largest cities such as Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, and El Paso.

The company wealthy families and board of directors trust to proptect them in St. Louis is Dark Site Operations, a professionally, licensed, trained, and insured Missouri Executive Protection & Private Security firm that is Special Operations capable due to the fact it is owned and operated by former Law Enforcement Special Operations Personnel with over 20 years real world experience in conducting High Risk Raids, Police Sniper Missions, Sniper Over Watch & Surveillance, and Raids on Domestic Threats of Identified Militia Groups operating on American Soil.

What separates Dark Site Operations from all other Security & Executive Protection Companies is that we have a great working knowledge of civilian and Law Enforcement Operations whereas Executive Protection officer experienced in Military only do not have as wide of a scope of experience on civillian side of things. Conducting Executive Protection Services on Domestic soil is no the same as over seas. Things that we see guys learn over there is great but its not the same things our Law Enforcement guys learn in th USA working the worst cities in the world are actually right here in the United States and it takes street smarts to navigate some of the dangerous areas and avoid bad situations all together.

Dark Site Operations in St. Louis has a great deal of experience in protecting Celebrities, Lawyers, Prosecuting Attorneys, Musicians, Witnesses to Crimes, Actors, Actresses, and Wealthy Families from threats of attack, robbery, extortion, or even preventing kidnapping from criminal elements who may be targeting them.

This is why people turn to St. Louis Executive Protection Expert Michael Bland for help when they are in a jam. Bland is a former Law Enforcement Swat Sniper with over 20 years experience in condcucting covert tactical raids into some of the most dangerous citie sin the world. Bland is a subject matter expert in both planning & carrying out Executive Protection and Armed Residential Protection Services in St. Louis, Mo, State of Missouri, and Illinois.

Dark Site Operations are experts in Threat Assessment, Planning Routes of Escape & Evasion, and Executive Protection Operations. This is why Dark Site Operations Executive Proptection & Body Guard School is among the most respected in North America and the World. All of Dark Site Operations Close Protection Operatives are trained in basic, intermediate, and advanced pistol & carbine courses as well as Self Defense and Emergency Medical Training.

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