Private Special Operations & Private Security in Italy

For people in Italy needing to hire Private Security & Private Special Operations they trust Dark Site Operations. We serve the Italy regions of Bari, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Milan, Palermo, Rome, Turin, and Venice.

Missouri Regions We Serve

Kansas City, Jefferson City, Ozarks, Table Rock, Columbia, St. Louis, St. Charles City, O Fallon, Cape Girardeau, Springfield, Independence, Lees Summit, St. Joseph

Private Security Services in St. Louis Missouri

Private Military Contractors, Private Security Contractors, Special Forces Personnel, Special Operations Services, Law Enforcement Trained and Private Security, Executive Protection, Convoy Security, Drivers, Armor Car Transport, Armed Courier, Conciere, High Threat Protection, Kidnap for Ransom Experts, Hostage Rescue, Extraction Rescue, Evacuation Services, Security Consulting, Threat Assessment, and Disaster Consulting and Security Guard Services for Factories, Warehouses, Hotels, Hospitals, Industrial, Retail, and Shopping Malls.


We abide by all state, local, and federal law regarding security, protection, carrying weapons, licensing requirements, and travel requirements while providing Special Operations & Private Security in North America.

Executive Protection Network

We are also strategically aligned with Private Security Companies in the United States and Globally to provide security at a moment notice with professionally licensed, insured, and trained Private Security Contractors.


St. Louis Private Security Contractors we hire are professionally vetted Private Contractors with years of Special Operations, Tactical & Protection Experience. Tactical Operators we hire in Missouri are experienced in all aspects of Executive Protection, Bodyguards, Close Protection, Convoy Security, and more.

Being a Private Security Contractor or Special Operations Unit in St. Louis requires a busy schedule, staying in tip top physical conditions, and constantly training with weapons and self-defense. Missouri Private Security Experts we utilize are considered the best in the world. Our Private Security Contractors are trained with all weapons and tactical first aid as well as trauma.

North American Special Operations & Private Security Contractors are used for protection of Dignitaries, Diplomats, Infrastructure, Oil Companies, Corporate Execs, Energy Companies, and Employees. Many times, Corporate executives who have been threatened by a hostile employee who was terminated may hire us to protect them and their family in a remote secure area.

Our Special Operations & Private Security Contractors in North America utilize the latest in technology with Drone Surveillance, Thermal & Night Vision Equipment to conduct surveillance of the area being protected at nighttime.

St. Louis Private Security Operators we hire are former Law Enforcement & Military personnel who have hundreds of years combined experience in combat situations, navigation, survival, sniper, counter-sniper operations, mission planning, guerilla tactics, medic trained, weapons training, convoy security, booby trap recognition, and threat assessment services. Private Contractors we provide in North America and Globally are well trusted for their expertise in security & protection of important persons, company assets, or financial institutions.

Our Private Security Operators & Special Operations Armed Escorts in St. Louis are also used to protect money, and marijuana transportation for Medical Marijuana Facilities and Pharmaceutical companies due to the fact they are transporting high risk shipment of Medical Marijuana and Pharmaceuticals.

Since 911 happened our Private Security Contracting Services in St. Louis & Globally have been highly sought after in protecting St. Louis Corporate Assets, Employees, and Energy Stations. Our Missouri Special Operations & Security Services have also provide guards to protect factory and company entrances.

We provide Private Security Operators Globally serving South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Egypt, Mexico, and Central America. Our Global Special Operations Security Contracts provide companies and governments with the best rated security in the world. When countries or governments around the world located in dangerous places where others are afraid to go, they call us for help.

Global Security Provider

Our Global Private Security Contractors can respond anywhere in the world in a moment’s notice to protect companies or assets, and infrastructure against acts of terrorism, espionage, sabotage, or cyber security breaches against work sites, development, energy stations, or other important infrastructure.

In the United States we receive high demand for Private Security Contracting Services & Special Operations in the largest cities such as St. Louis, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and many more. When people need reliable Security Services, Security Consulting, and Risk Consulting they choose us because we have years of real-world work experience.

Best Rated Private Security Firm in St. Louis

We are one of the largest Global Security & Special Operations companies in the world and rated #1 in Security experience, customer satisfaction, customer phone support, and best protection ratings from all clients we serve globally.

Why People Need Personal Protection in St. Louis

Security is the largest concern in St. Louis. The Crime in St. Louis Missouri is so high and out of control St. Louis Police have lost any and all control of the drive by shootings, murder rate, police related shootings, robbery, car jackings, and burglaries. With high threat incidents like Active Shooters, Terrorism, and Suicide Bombers on the rise by Extremist Groups, Domestic Terrorism, and Foreign Terrorism security must be provided to large corporations by highly trusted Private Security & Special Operations Companies like us who understand how to assess all threats in a calm, collected professional manner.

Special Operations Companies must also be able to respond to these threats with a well-armed quick response tactical unit. The days of waiting for police and first responder’s is gone. In the time that Law Enforcement in St. Louis or any state takes to respond hundreds of people can lose their lives. Waiting to be rescued is not an option when it comes to human lives.

Our St. Louis Private Security & Special Operators are always on site with employees and company events in order to have an instant response time and more importantly provide a major deterrent to criminal or terrorist elements that may be plotting attacks, cyber intrusions, bombings, or active shooting incidents in St. Louis.

When North American Corporations need Security Cameras, Alarms, Armed Security Patrols, Security Guards, Security System Integrations, Corporate Risk Consulting, Corporate Background Checks, Corporate Security Consulting, Corporate Espionage Prevention, Corporate Sabotage Espionage Prevention, Executive Protection Services, Protection for Corporate Employees, Security for Parking Garages and Parking Lots.

Corporate Special Operators we provide in Missouri are among the most respected in the St. Louis Corporate Security industry and that is why people trust us. Contact us today for a Free Security Assessment

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