How to Hire The Best Executive Protection or Bodyguard Company to Protect your Family or Employees

How to Hire The Best Executive Protection or Bodyguard Company to Protect your Family or Employees

When people need to hire the best Executive Protection or Bodyguard Company in North America or Globally they trust Dark Site Operations, a Professional Executive Protection & Armed Bodyguard Company that is based locally in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America and is owned and operated by former Law Enforcement Special Operations Personnel with hundreds of years of combined experience in conducting Covert, Private Special Operations, and Sniper, Counter-Sniper Missions in North America and abroad.

Hiring the best Personal Protection Company is something that can be over whelming for most Celebrities, Politicans, or Wealthy Families due to the research involved. Many people have no idea what they are looking for in hiring a Close Protection Detachment or Personal Security Services due to a lack of education or personal experience in the topic.

Wealthy Families, Celebrities, Board of Directors, and Corporate Executives started using Dark Site Operations all over North America and the Globe for protecting its Employees, Corporate Assets, Families, and Residential Properties with Tier 1 Private Security & Private Military Contractors that have years of real world experience operating in the harshest enviorments and against the most dangerous groups of individuals in the world. The thing that sets dark Site Operations part from most Private Special Operations & Defense Companies is that is a vast knowledge of Covert Operations involving Law Enforcement Operations such as High Risk Search Warrants, Raids on Armed Militia Compounds, Anti-Government Militia Raids, even capturing a Suspected Russian Terrorist in the United States.

Dark Site Operations runs a professional Executive Protection & Bodyguard Training Academy that leaves it rivals in the dust. Dark Site Operations is the go to standard fopr Wealthy Families needing Child Recovery Services, Hostage Rescue, Sex Trafficking Victim Rescue in North America Abroad.

Dark Site Operations are experts at planning covert missions, assessing threats, providing Security Consulting, Commerical & Residential Armed Security Contract Services in North America and Globally, and teaching Tactical Firearms, Self Defense, Deadly Force, and Active Shooter Training to Companies and its Employees, and private entities in North American Cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Denver, St. Louis, and Globally in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East.

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