Hostage Rescue Services in Missouri

Private Hostage Rescue

For people or companies needing Hostage Rescue Services in Missouri, Illinois, and Nationwide they trust Dark Site Operations provides private hostage rescue services Globally. 

With experienced operators located in almost every country on the planet, combined with our established relationships with various foreign governments and authorities, Dark Site Operations has unmatched capabilities and response times.

Understanding the threat, the Client, and the political climate of a particular country or region are all key elements in successfully rescuing a hostage and bringing the individual(s) home, alive.

Costs for Hostage Rescue Services


Private hostage rescue services for an ongoing hostage situation start at $30,000 per day and can easily escalate as high as $50,000 to $100,000 per day or higher, depending upon the location and complexity of the operation.

Our hostage rescue teams are second to none, comprised of former operators from the US Military Special Operations community and select US Federal agencies who possess the unique and elite skill sets and experience required for such complex and high-risk operations.

For added insurance, we recommend our membership which gives you immediate coverage in the event of an emergency as well as the flexibility to apply your funds towards our full suite of security services.

The initial phase can be brief and violent because it only goes for the length of time of the attack that hostage-takers make to subdue their hostage(s). The initial phase ends with demands being made.

When this phase happens, it’s usually because law enforcement or a private mediator has arrived and they have acknowledged the demands of the hostage-taker.

This phase can last days, hours, or even months and is often called “the standoff phase.” Nothing much changes about the physical description of the scene greatly because the hostages and hostage-taker are in the same place.

However, there are many things that happen during the negotiation phase in terms of emotional relationships that develop between everyone involved in the situation. This is when the negotiator comes in and tries to manipulate the relationships that are made in a way that makes the situation end peacefully.

The final stage is brief and can sometimes be violent. This phase has three possible end-results:

  1. The hostage-takers are arrested after surrendering peacefully
  2. The hostage-takers are killed or assaulted by the rescue team before being arrested
  3. The demands are met, and the hostage-takers escape

The fate of the hostages doesn’t always depend on how the final phase is completed.