Becoming a security officer is all about responsibility, honesty, and moral integrity. Delta Five Security is incredibly strict about hiring new guards. There are rigorous licensing requirements to become an armed security officer. Guards should also be alert and sensitive to the activity in their operating area. Our armed officers are professional in carrying out their security duties for each client served.

The State Department require guards to be qualified and proficient in handling and shooting of firearms in order to get licensed. Guards must also take educational classes and re-qualify every few years. The licensing requires both classroom and range time to ensure the commissioned or armed guard is not just theoretically prepared. This class teaches firearm safety and more importantly, that they are to use their firearm as a last resort, under very specific circumstances.

Onsite security can help to keep businesses and organizations safe. A security guard can give employees and visitors peace of mind. Armed officers provide a very strong deterrent to criminal activity. Armed security guards aren’t law enforcement personnel. They are privately hired to provide onsite security. They aren’t investigating crimes or interfering with official police business. They are providing a safe monitoring presence to privately owned businesses. Security guards can help to make any location safer and more secure.

Not every security site needs a commissioned officer, but when high value products, people or large quantities of money are involved, it’s probably worth implementing an armed guard. Banks, Financial Institutions, Government Sites and Jewelry Stores are examples of properties that might need a Commissioned Officer. The weapon acts as an extra deterrent, and should only be used in instances where lives are at risk.

The first step in keeping your workplace safe is contacting an experienced security company. A reputable company understands the ever-changing needs of the security industry. We can answer questions and help you assess your business security needs.