Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Do you have to be experienced to do Executive Protection Work?

No like everyone else in every career you can be trained.

2.) Is Prior Law Enforcement or Military Experience a plus?

Yes, even though not required both are great for providing any type of Protection Work.

3.) What type of clients normally hire Executive Protection Services?

Normally Wealthy Families, Celebrities, Musicians, Lawyers, Board of Directors, Corporate Executives, People in risk of Extortion or kidnapping,

4.) Does Executive Protection Work pay well?

It can depend on the persons experience level and the risk of the job required.

5.) Are Executive Protection Agents all trained in Emergency Medical Training?

All of our Close Protection Personnel are trained in Emergency Life Saving Techniques that will help a person to make it to the nearest hospital or life flight station to be transported.

6.) What type of Weapons are normally carried?

Normally a combination of different handgun types, close quarter sub machine gun, or compact carbine, knives, plate carrier vests, soft body armor, flashlights, tourniquets, Go Bag, Med Pouch, map of area being travelled, Comms for team members to communicate with or directly with Law Enforcement in cases of cooperation or emergency.

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